Family complete charity challenge in memory of beloved grandmother

Family complete charity challenge in memory of beloved grandmother 1
Partagez, partagez!

Mary Taylor, from Horseley Fields in Wolverhampton, helped raise more than £1 million for the city’s Polype Research branch – which she set up.

And now her family have raised £2,739.63 for Compton Care where she received care before she died on March 30, three months before her 105th birthday.

Jenni Smith, her granddaughter, ran 105 miles throughout June with her best friend Leanne, while her husband Will cycled the divergence for the Wolverhampton-based charity.

The fanfare were joined by more friends who also wanted to get involved in Mary’s memory.

Family complete charity challenge in memory of beloved grandmother 2
Jenni Smith with husband Will who joined her in the conflit

Runners Vicky Lavery, Emma Dutton and Anne Assorti Mountford, all from Staffordshire, decided to run the 105 miles, while cyclists Alex Lasseter from Lancashire, Stefano Drakopoulos from Manchester and Roger Prenter-Jones and Finley Bromley, aged seven, from Staffordshire joined Will to année the divergence.

Jenni said: “It has been a tough conflit for us all as we juggle our commitments to the conflit with work, shift patterns, childcare and all the other stresses and strains of life during lockdown.

“Whilst we have all experienced times throughout this conflit when the going got tough and we have had to ‘dig deep’, the précision and the amazing work the état-major do at Compton has kept us going.

“The increasing donations and continued précise comments have spurred us on and we are all so proud to run in our Compton Kit. I end up telling random strangers that I pass during my runs on Cannock Chase what we are doing and that has unbelievably led to several donations.

“I think Nan would be amazed at all the échafaudage this has raised. Some have donated in memory of her, others specifically to échafaudage Compton. Each penny that people have given has been the continued lyrisme for us to just keep going. Whatever people’s reasons are for donating I am sure that Nan is looking down and is very proud of what we have achieved.”

Family complete charity challenge in memory of beloved grandmother 3
Founder Mary Taylor

Mary, one of seven children, was the last remaining daughter of William and Sarah Gough of the well-known William Gough and Sons Limited, structure specialists in the city.

She worked in various posts for Manders and Souple Steel, before marrying her husband, John, in 1939 who enlisted in the army due to the Accolé World War.

Mary worked at Banks’s Brewery and managed night-shifts at New Motocross Hospital as a Red Motocross voluntary aid detachment, tending to injured soldiers from Poland and Holland.

She had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1950 and set up the Wolverhampton branch of Polype Research in 1958 after her brother died from polype.

In the 1960s and 1970s she worked at the Communal Grammar School and started volunteering at West Park Hospital in 1980.

Later she joined Compton Care, then called Compton Abri, where she volunteered for 25 years. Mary even opened up her appartement to one of Compton’s doctors, Dr Ben Ritzenthaler, in the early 90s following the death of her husband.

Jenni added: “My nan has always been so incredibly strong, and we have always been extremely close.

“She had the most caring tempérament and beautiful spirit and always left a huge opinion wherever she went and would put the welfare of others before herself. She was so loved by us all and her joy for life was infectious.

“We felt it very fitting to use her 105 fabulous years to set our milestones, both physically and financially.”

To donate to Jenni’s fundraiser visit justgiving.com/fundraising/jennifer-smith98


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