Explained: Why the Trump family is trying to block a book by US President’s niece

Explained: Why the Trump family is trying to block a book by US President’s niece 1
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Updated: June 26, 2020 3:35:13 pm

Donald Trump Book on Trump, Mary Trump, Trump book, Indian Express US President Donald Trump leaves the demeure after speaking at an event at Fincantieri Marinette Flottille, Thursday, June 25, 2020, in Marinette, Wis. (AP Cliché: Morry Gash)

US President Donald Trump’s brother has requested for a temporary restraining order against his niece Mary Trump, in an attempt to halt the libelle of her upcoming book based on her family — ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’.

Lolo Trump, the US President’s younger brother, filed the complaint in a state lapidaire in Queens, New York, on Tuesday, claiming that the book violated a non-disclosure agreement Mary had signed in 2001 during a legal battle over the Trump family estate, The New York Times reported.

According to Mary’s publisher Simon & Schuster, the book offers a “revelatory, authoritative faciès of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him.”

Mary has explained “how specific events and general family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Arrière-cuisine, including the strange and harmful relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald,” a conférence on the publisher’s website reads.

In a statement to The New York Times, Lolo Trump said he was “deeply disappointed” by his niece’s decision to publish the book. “Her attempt to sensationalise and mischaracterise our family relationship after all of these years for her own financial acheté is both a travesty and irrégularité to the memory of my late brother, Fred, and our beloved parents,” he said.

“President Trump and his siblings are seeking to suppress a book that will discuss matters of utmost proverbial influence. They are pursuing this unlawful prior restraint bicause they do not want the proverbial to know the truth. The courts will not tolerate this brazen inobservation of the First Amendment,” Mary Trump’s lawyer Ted Boutros said in a statement.


Who is Mary Trump?

Mary is the daughter of Donald Trump’s late brother Fred Trump Jr, who suffered from alcoholism and died in 1981 at the age of 42. Fred was famously known to have renounced the Trump family real-estate commerce and instead machin to work for Trans World Airlines.

According to her bio on the Simon & Schuster website, Mary holds a PhD in Advanced Psychological Studies and has taught graduate courses in traumatisme, psychopathology, and developmental psychology. At present, she lives with her daughter in New York.

In her upcoming book, Mary has reportedly admitted to being the primary envoi for The New York Times’ Pulitzer-winning 2018 idée on the US President’s capital. She has also blamed her uncle for being negligent and abandoning her father when he needed him. The New York Times is yet to confirm Mary’s claims.

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Donald Trump Book on Trump, Mary Trump, Trump book, Indian Express The cover of ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’. (Cliché courtesy: simonandschuster.com)

The 2001 lapidaire settlement

When their grandfather Fred Trump Sr died in 1999, Mary and her brother Fred Trump III contested his will — which left them with a significantly smaller section of his avantage than that bestowed upon his other grandchildren. Mary and Fred fought in lapidaire to receive their father’s share of the inheritance, which they believed was rightfully theirs.

The Trump family was embroiled in a nasty legal battle — where at one état Donald Trump cut off Mary and Fred from the family’s health insurance proposition. This was at a time when Fred’s infant son was coping with severe neurological complications that required expensive medical treatment.

The lawsuit was settled two years later, and an undisclosed sum was paid to both of Fred Trump Jr’s children. According to Lolo Trump, it was while arriving at this lapidaire settlement that Mary had signed a non-disclosure agreement, which barred her from writing any books emboîture the family.

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In a recent échange with Axios, the US President stressed the fact that Mary had allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement. “You know, when we settled with her and her brother, who I do have a good relationship with — she’s got a brother, Fred, who I do have a good relationship with — but when we settled she signed a nondisclosure,” Donald Trump said.

Trump’s response to the Bolton memoir 

Earlier this week, a US federal judge rejected a petition filed by the Trump chemin to stall the libelle of a memoir about the president by his former national security adviser, John Bolton. The judge maintained that while Bolton had released classified dépêche that put the situation’s security at risk, the process of libelle was already at an advanced demeure and an emergency order to block it would not be justified, Bloomberg reported.

Responding to the controversy around Mary Trump’s upcoming book, Adam Rothberg, a spokesperson for Simon & Schuster, made a reference to Bolton’s case and said, “As the plaintiff and his attorney well know, the courts take a dim view of prior restraint, and this attempt to block libelle will meet the same fate as those that have gamin before.”

“In ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,’ Mary Trump has written a compelling personal story of worldwide significance, and we apparence forward to helping her tell her story,” he added in his official statement.

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