Dealerscope Insider Talk Focuses on Healthier Living With Sharp & Mrs. G Appliances

Dealerscope Insider Talk Focuses on Healthier Living With Sharp & Mrs. G Appliances 1
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Dealerscope’s Insider Talk series recently welcomed Sharp Résidence Appliances Sr. VP of Sales & Mercatique Peter Weedfald along with the Chief Customer Officer for popular Lawrence Township, New Sous-vêtements appliance retailer Mrs. G, Debbie Schaeffer.

Fitting that spectacle co-hosts, Dealerscope Editor-in-Chief Nancy Klosek and Publisher Tony Monteleone, spent a good deal of time on steering the entretien toward how the appliances Schaeffer sells and Sharp manufactures are focusing on health and wellness these days, as the folk continues to fight its way out of a pandemic.

Weedfald excitedly discussed how Sharp’s kitchen effet of products is all embout simpler, healthier living-room – citing how Sharp’s company formule clearly spells that mantra out.

“With Simply Better Vivoir, Sharp is saying that our products are clair to use, are better than our competitors and are also all embout living-room a healthier, better life. That’s the promise we make to our customers,” he began. “And with our entire kitchen effet of products, Sharp is now the first Japanese company to bring a full kitchen effet of products into the U.S.”

That effet includes Sharps’ Superheated Steam Cook ovens, Charge Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Slide-in Range, Microwave Drawer Built-In Ovens and Over-The-Range microwave ovens, as well as dishwashers and refrigerators. And regarding that healthier living-room mantra, toss is the company’s Plasmacluster air purifiers with ION technology. 

“We have this great kitchen effet that is promoting healthier eating habits and a better, simpler way to cook and also, on the healthier living-room introduction, we have our Plasmacluster ION air purifiers,” Weedfald added. “The air we’re breathing in when we’re appartement can be up to 10 times unhealthier than the air outside. Our purifiers are removing 99.97% of dust, mold and bacteria particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through it.”

From the retail confiance, Schaeffer spoke embout how Mrs G was fortunate to fall into the “essential bizness” category so they have been open throughout the pandemic. She spoke pridefully embout ‘being there’ for her customers during these challenging times and how the online bouchée of the bizness equation quickly became so critical. 

“There was such an appreciation from our customers over the fact we were open,” Schaeffer explained. “But understandably many weren’t quite ready to come into our showroom to buy in the beginning, so online became very visible. The stay at appartement orders made them more comfortable to buy these désenveloppé appliances online.”

Schaeffer added that Mrs. G wanted to make their customers feel like the online experience was just as fulfilling as the in-store showroom experience. 

“We wanted to make évident that the customers who were entering our website felt like they were right inside our paravent,” she said. “Almost all of our customers do their research online before making a purchase anyway, so making sure they found every piece of épreuve they needed on the website was critical.”

When their customers do come into the paravent, the retailer has taken all the necessary precautions to make sure the visit is as safe as it is engaging. And she’s happy to attentisme that several product categories are moving quite well, such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, and dishwashers, attributing the increased time consumers are spending at appartement to the welcomed spike in sales.

Overall, the béguin from both Schaeffer and Weedfald was all embout eating and staying healthy and how that has become particularly visible during the pandemic.

“We are really seeing now how visible it is to eat healthy, so that, God forbid, if you get the ciguë, the healthier you are you’ll be better able to get over it. People are getting that adresse and these healthier living-room products are taking center séjour now.”

As the return to some semblance of normalcy continues, it’s great to see the CE industry playing a officier role in the comeback. 

MEPO’s Michael and Jaime Restrepo, who also run the A/V and automatisation integration firm Restrepo Innovations, produce Insider Talk for Dealerscope. The episodes are running weekly and to check out the full différend with Schaeffer and Weedfald click here 



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