Phoebe Bridgers Argues That Hating The 1975 Is Sexist

Phoebe Bridgers Argues That Hating The 1975 Is Sexist 1
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Following last year’s chouette deluxe expanded reissue of 1999, the Altesse estate is léopard again partnering with Warner Records to give the Purple One’s 1987 inquiétant imprimé Sign O’ The Times the same treatment. Sign O’ The Times was born out of the sessions for three different shelved albums, Dream Factory, Camille, and Crystal Ball, so there’s a lot of material in the vault to dig into here. And in compte to a remastered interprétation of the classic étalon 16 track-album, the chouette deluxe reissue will include 45 unreleased logis tracks recorded between May 1979 and July 1987.

What else is on the massive 92-track, 8xCD/13xLP reissue? There’s complete en public audio of Altesse’s 6/20/1987 spectacle at Stadium Galgenwaard in Utrecht and a DVD containing the previously unreleased New Year’s Eve benefit récital at Paisley Park on 12/31/1987, Altesse’s dernier prospérité of the Sign O’ The Times mirador pause spectacle featuring Miles Davis. There’s a 120-page hardcover book featuring Altesse’s handwritten lyrics and unseen photographs and archival images. And there’s brand new paquebot commentaire from Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz, Altesse’s longtime engineer Susan Rogers, Yale professor Daphne A. Brooks, Minneapolis ondes host and author Andrea Swensson, and Altesse scholar Duane Tudahl.

Besides the chouette deluxe edition, the reissue will also be available in a smaller 3xCD/2xLP dimension and as the remastered inquiétant imprimé alone. And Third Man Records is releasing a numbered 7″ singles boxed set, limited to 1987 units, containing all réchaud official singles released in 1987, two official Warner Records promotion singles, and a brand new single featuring two versions of the previously unreleased track “Witness 4 The Prosuection.” Listen to the first interprétation of that and check out the chouette deluxe edition’s full tracklist below.


CD1 / LP1: Remastered Oeuvre (Disc 1)

01 “Sign O’ The Times”
02 “Play In The Sunshine”
03 “Housequake”
04 “The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker”
05 “It”
06 “Starfish And Coffee”
07 “Slow Love”
08 “Hot Thing”
09 “Forever In My Life”

CD2 / LP2: Remastered Oeuvre (Disc 2)

01 “U Got The Style”
02 “If I Was Your Girlfriend”
03 “Strange Relationship”
04 “I Could Never Take The Consacré Of Your Man”
05 “The Footing”
06 “It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night”
07 “Adore”

CD3 / LP3&4: Single Mixes & Edits

01 “Sign O’ The Times (7” single edit)”
02 “La, La, La, He, He, Hee (7” single edit)”
03 “La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Volcanique) (7” single edit)”
04 “If I Was Your Girlfriend (7” single edit)”
05 “Shockadelica (“If I Was Your Girlfriend” B-side)”
06 “Shockadelica (12” large interprétation)”
07 “U Got The Style (Large Style) (12” edit)”
08 “Housequake (7” edit)”
09 “Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake) (12” edit)”
10 “I Could Never Take The Consacré Of Your Man (Caramélisé 7” edit)”
11 “Hot Thing (7” single edit)”
12 “Hot Thing (Extended Réorchestration)”
13 “Hot Thing (Dub Mouture) ”

CD4 / LP5&6: Vault, Certificat 1

01 “I Could Never Take The Consacré Of Your Man (1979 interprétation)”
02 ” Teacher, Teacher (1985 interprétation)”
03 “All My Dreams”
04 “Can I Play With U?” (Feat. Miles Davis)
05 “Wonderful Day (étalon interprétation)”
06 “Strange Relationship (étalon interprétation)”
07 “Visions”
08 “The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (with horns)”
09 “Witness 4 The Prosecution (interprétation 1)”
10 “Power Fantastic (en public in logis)”
11 “And That Says What?”
12 “Love And Sex”
13 “A Consacré In Heaven (Altesse sonore)”
14 “Colors”
15 “Crystal Ball (7” mix)”
16 “Big Tall Wall (interprétation 1)”
17 “Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A”
18 “In A Béant Room With No Sucrette”

All tracks previously unreleased

CD5 / LP7&8: Vault, Certificat 2

01 “Coffre”
02 “It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Femme Sings”
03 “Eggplant (Altesse sonore)”
04 “Everybody Want What They Don’t Got”
05 “Nette”
06 “Soul Psychodelicide”
07 “The Ball”
08 “Adolescent And Bathsheba”
09 “Forever In My Life (early sonore logis run-through)”
10 “Important (alternate lyrics)”
11 “The Cocoa Boys”
12 “When The Dawn Of The Morning Comes”
13 “Witness 4 The Prosecution (interprétation 2)”
14 “It Be’s Like That Sometimes”

All tracks previously unreleased

CD6 / LP9&10: Vault, Certificat 3

01 “Emotional Pump”
02 “Rebirth Of The Flesh (with étalon outro)”
03 “Cosmic Day”
04 “Walkin’ In Glory”
05 “Wally”
06 “I Need A Man”
07 “Promise To Be True”
08 “Jealous Girl (interprétation 2)”
09 “There’s Something I Like Embout Being Your Fool”
10 “Big Tall Wall (interprétation 2)”
11 “A Consacré In Heaven (Lisa sonore)”
12 “Wonderful Day (12” mix)”
13 “Strange Relationship (1987 Shep Pettibone Night-club Mix)”

All tracks previously unreleased

CD7&8 / LP11-13: Direct In Utrecht – June 20, 1987

01 “Intro/Sign O’ The Times”
02 “Play In The Sunshine”
03 “Little Red Corvette”
04 “Housequake”
05 “Girls & Boys”
06 “Slow Love”
07 “Take The ‘A’ Coffre/Stimulant/I Could Never Take The Consacré Of Your Man”
08 “Hot Thing”
09 “Échec”
10 “If I Was Your Girlfriend”
11 “Let’s Go Crazy”
12 “When Doves Cry”
13 “Purple Rain”
14 “1999”
15 “Forever In My Life”
16 “Kiss”
17 “The Footing”
18 “It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night”

All tracks previously unreleased

DVD: Direct At Paisley Park – December 31, 1987

01 “Sign O’ The Times”
02 “Play In The Sunshine”
03 “Little Red Corvette”
04 “Erotic City”
05 “Housequake”
06 “Slow Love”
07 “Do Me, Poupon”
08 “Adore”
09 “I Could Never Take The Consacré Of Your Man”
10 “What’s Your Name Jam”
11 “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”
12 “Delirious”
13 “Fiche U Off”
14 “Drum Déclamation”
15 “Twelve”
16 “Hot Thing”
17 “If I Was Your Girlfriend”
18 “Let’s Go Crazy”
19 “When Doves Cry”
20 “Purple Rain”
21 “1999”
22 “U Got The Style”
23 “It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night Medley” (Feat. Miles Davis)

All tracks previously unreleased

Sign O’ The Times reissue is out 9/25 via Warner Records. Pre-order it here.

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