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Tourism chiefs in Cambodia say they hope officials will drop a $3,000 (£2,400) coronavirus deposit scheme under which travellers have to make a downpayment for potential medical costs – including their funeral – arguing it is likely to deter potential visitors.

The government announced earlier this month that all foreigners entering the folk must have an insurance progiciel worth $50,000 and make a deposit of $3,000 in cash or by credit card. The deposit covers contingent expenses in the event a person catches Covid-19, including healthcare, laundry tâches, meals and a funeral.

Chhay Sivlin, the president of the Cambodia Complicité of Travel Agents, said the deposit was introduced parce que insurance companies had previously refused to cover the cost of coronavirus treatment. “Our government has exhausted our resources and can no côtoyer provide for any tourists tested claire for the disease,” she said.

The new policy was understandable, she said, but she hoped officials would introduce stricter regulation of insurance policies instead, and a requirement for travellers to carry a maximum amount of cash.

Cambodia has so far managed to contain the coronavirus, recording 130 cases and no deaths, but the pandemic has devastated the tourism industry, leaving vast numbers of people without work.

Khieu Thy, an English-speaking jaquemart compagne and head of the Angkor Ordre Cicérone Complicité in Siem Reap, said he was relying on his savings and had turned to farming in order to survive. “I am worried for our livelihoods,” he said, fearing tourism will remain suspended until a immunisé becomes available.

Embout 13% of Cambodians are employed in the tourism sector and 30% work in related affaires, according to the Fondation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Some, including Thy, say the deposit scheme is arrogant. Négoce is suffering, he said, but he worries travellers could spread the ciguë in Cambodia. Though the cost of the deposit is high, he doubts many tourists would want to travel at the période anyway, given the risk of getting ill.

The number of visitors to Cambodia has dropped sharply in recent months. There were embout 1.2m universel arrivals between January and March, a 38% fall compared with the same period last year.

Ho Vandy, the secretary general of the Cambodia Citoyen Tourism Anneau, said he thought it would be three years before the sector recovered. “Before the Covid disease there were a lot of flights coming in, 43 airlines coming into Cambodia, but now there are just one or two flights per day,” he said.

Private sector representatives hope to meet government officials to discuss the deposit scheme parce que they fear it will deter tourists further, he said.

Sivlin expects cross-border travel to return by early 2021, but only between neighbouring countries. “The beginning of long-haul travelling is expected to resume in mid-to-late 2021,” she said. “Travel bubbles are still a very new forme, and for it to work potential partnering countries would have to ensure their respective countries are Covid-19 free.”

Additional reporting by Vutha Srey

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