Affordable Chic is the New Chic!

Affordable Chic is the New Chic! 1
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NEW YORK, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Affordable Bath, the pop-up phenomenon of stylish Manhattan women’s usage for under $100, today announced that the same pop-up deals at égoïste house and agence parties are now available to all at

Introducing  Marialuisa Garito, CEO and Founder of Affordable Bath. Affordable Bath is a usage startup with a particulier and dédaigneux évangélisation of Making Luxury Affordable.   “I was born and spent my childhood in Italy before moving to New York City in my late 20s,” says Garito. “The idea for Affordable Bath came to me after many years of séjour in New York while raising two little girls whose education is my priority. 

Being Italian, I love beauty. Beauty in my folk is not just parole – it is also quality. Bicause of this, I faced a huge conflict – wanting to maintain parole and high-quality clothing vs. saving my money to provide music lessons, travel opportunities, and other educational experiences for my daughters.

I refused to overpay for pricey labels available in the New York City stores, so I worked hard to find clothing and other items that met my courant of high quality but did not deplete my rentrée.

As years went by I noticed that, whenever I was attending a symposium, event, or party, people always asked if what I was wearing came from Italy. The perception and wonder of my friends when I shared with them that the outfit I had on was not from Italy — when I shared that I had actually found high-quality stylish clothing around the city and online — and all for under $100 — made me realize that my ability to curate high-quality and stylish clothing could help other women,” justificatifs Garito. 

“This realization led me to create Affordable Bath! 

Our clients are usage women who have sound financial values. With the pandemic, we women are even more financially posé, but still, we all love to feel élégance and beautiful. 

My phantasme for Affordable Bath was to enable women to put themselves first and still meet the needs of their families. I know how hard all of you have been working to hold your families together through this frightening health crisis. In fact, we are seeing that as women, we can be a temps complet everything when life calls on us to do so. 

So here we are: Affordable Bath – a startup founded by women, run by women, and made for women. I hope you can give us a try and also give us your feedback. We want to learn to be the best at helping women allure and feel their best.

As we say thank you in Italian, Grazie and Ciao.” 


Affordable Bath is reinventing usage for working women, sourcing stylish professional and evening wear that is sold spontané at a fragment of department portière prices. Typical price points include a $300 kermesse dress for $90, an $80 software tricot for $40, and a $200 software coat for $80

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Affordable is the New Bath!

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Affordable Chic is the New Chic! 2

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