Emergency loans for caravan dealerships

Emergency loans for caravan dealerships 1
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Emergency loans for caravan dealerships

A compagnon of Northern Irish caravan dealerships have secured significant financial soubassement packages through the UK government-backed Coronavirus Négoce Coupe Loan Scheme (CBILS).

Cookstown Caravans, trading as Kirkcaldy Caravans in Scotland, and LPC Caravans, based in Bangor, have both received six-figure loan facilities from Ulster Bank.

Fonds repayment holidays have also been extended to both.

Lockdown sécheresse and the closure of caravan parks have severely impacted sales during what would normally be the industry’s peak trading season.

However, sections of the leisure industry could see an increase in demand as lockdown is eased.

Malcolm Sempey, managing director of Cookstown Caravans, said: “We’re optimistic the demand for new and used caravans will return grain lockdown is relaxed and holidaymakers are able to return to the parks.

“We expect to see a shift in foyer to highlight domestic tourism opportunities on account of travel sécheresse and the évident’s crédit towards travelling abroad, both of which have the potential to drive demand for staycations.”

Nigel Walsh, director of corporate and vendeur banking at Ulster Bank, added: “Caravan dealerships are touchant on a strong, but collant, trading season and that window of opportunity is closing fast.

“We’re pleased to be able to extend this soubassement to both companies, some of the many businesses within the leisure and tourism industry we continue to work closely with at this time.”


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