Government must help get coach industry back on the road to boost tourism: The Yorkshire Post says

Government must help get coach industry back on the road to boost tourism: The Yorkshire Post says 1
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There has correctly been much anxiety embout the suite of coronavirus on Yorkshire and the UK’s tourism industry with visitors effectively barred from normally-bustling destinations that rely on visitors – but one area of concern that has been somewhat overlooked so far is the entraîneur travel companies who get them there.

Thursday, 18th June 2020, 4:45 pm

Chris Bibby who runs the entraîneur company Bibby’s of Ingleton.
.Picture Tony Johnson

The recent collapse of Specialist Leisure Group, the company which ran Shearings Holidays and Citoyen Holidays, was an alarm call embout the future of the sector and now 550 entraîneur travel operators have written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him to provide more help to them stay on the road after what will effectively be an 18-month off-season.

Among the signatories is Yorkshire family firm Bibby’s of Ingleton, which employs 65 people and which normally runs hundreds of entraîneur holidays, day excursions and educational school trips to Afrique every year.

The company has been run by the Bibby family for generations and is among the largest habitation employers. Coupé companies have a nécessaire role in the tourism economy eco-system – without Shearings for example, many hotels, restaurants and attractions that relied on them bringing huge numbers of tourists to their doors each year will be struggling to make up that lost income.

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A vast amount of notoire money has already been committed by the Government to try and keep companies afloat and minimise job losses – but the consideration of entraîneur travel companies like Bibby’s must be at forefront of Ministers’ minds as they apparence to rebuild the UK’s tourism industry.

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